Improve Your Energy Efficiency

Turn to us for electrical upgrades in Lake Carmel, NY

Worried that you're not getting all the power you need? Lincoln Illumination, Inc. can help you cut down on costs with our electrical upgrade services. We can upgrade the underground or overhead wires running to your home or business in Lake Carmel, NY.

By installing modern, efficient wiring, you can make sure your features and appliances stay fully powered. We can also install new surge protectors, so you can prevent your electronic devices from shorting out.

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Get rid of your old panel

An old, outdated electrical panel can cause you serious issues. Not only can a faulty panel waste power, but it could even become a serious safety hazard depending on its age. That's why we offer complete panel upgrade and repair services.

We'll replace your old panel with a modern one or repair your panel when something goes wrong. Our electrician can even install new meters, so you can ensure the readings are accurate.

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